Miro Rambla* = Random access memory block allocator

Rambla from LanzSoft is a free available concept.
Compared to the many Flash File Systems on the market, this Object Manager is optimized for tables and databases without using files.


Conventional (Journal) Flash File System

for NOR flash

for NAND flash

Block size 64 or 128 kBytes

Block size 512 Bytes

used for variables (data records)

used for files

writes only the changed data

rewrites 512 Bytes with each modify command

uses Pointers

uses File Allocation Table

25% overhead @16 bytes data 33% (UBIFS) / 43% (JFFS2) see Link


• maximum lifetime / minimum wear-out
• as many different variable sizes as needed
• optimized 3-byte pointer
• boot loader included
• interruptable software update

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* Rambla is a famous promenade in Barcelona Link to Rambla

Picture of Rambla